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Game Info 

Download Size 700 MB
Category Action
Name Modern Combat 3 
Version  v5.5.0
Game Offline 
Memory capacity (Ram) 1GB 





Ultramodern Combat 3 is an FPS( First Person Shooter) game that puts you in the shoes of an elite dogface on a  charge to baffle a terrorists



ultramodern Combat 3 Fallen Nation is a first- person shooter game developed by Gameloft. It was released on October 27, 2011for iOS and Android  bias, and on November 10, 2011, for Windows Phone 7. The game is the third  investiture in the Modern Combat series and features high- quality  plates,  violent gameplay, and a deep  plot.   The game isfor iOS and Android  bias. The game is the third  investiture in the Modern Combat series and is set in the time 2028, where a terrorist group takes control of the United States and attempts to destroy it from within.
The player takes on the  part of Corporal James Walker, a member of the elite Special Forces unit assigned with stopping the terrorists and restoring order to the country. The game features 13  operations set in  colorful  locales  similar as Los Angeles, Alaska, and Pakistan.
The gameplay of ultramodern Combat 3 is  analogous to other first- person shooter games, with the player using  colorful munitions and  widgets to take on adversary forces. The game also features a multiplayer mode where players can  contend against each other in  colorful game modes  similar as  platoon deathmatch and  prisoner the flag.
ultramodern Combat 3  entered generally positive reviews for its  plates, gameplay, and multiplayer mode. The game was praised for its  press- suchlike experience on mobile  bias and its immersive  plot. It has ago been succeeded by other games in the Modern Combat series, including ultramodern Combat 4 and ultramodern Combat 5.

Game Features   

Then are some of the features of ultramodern Combat 3
1. crusade mode The game features a compelling story mode that takes players to different partsof the world, including Los Angeles, Pakistan, and New York City.


2. Multiplayer mode ultramodern Combat 3 offers an  instigative online multiplayer mode that allows players to  contend against others from around the world.
3. Advanced  plates The gameof the world, including New York, Pakistan, and Germany, with  colorful  objects and challenges.
2. Multiplayer mode Players can join online battles with over to 12 players in 6 different modes. The game also features customizable classes and munitions.
3. Graphics The game features high- quality  plates with detailed  surroundings, characters, and munitions, making it more realistic.
4. Controls The game offers intuitive controls with an option to customize the layout as per the player’s convenience.
5. Sound and music The game features an immersive sound and music system that enhances the gaming experien.
6. Vehicles Players can drive vehicles, including tanks and  copters, in certain  situations of the game.


7. Challenges The game offers  colorful challenges and achievements to keep players engaged and motivated.
8. Weapon customization Players can customize and upgrade their munitions with  colorful attachments, including  reaches, silencers, and extended magazines.
9. Social integration The game offers social integration with the capability to partake scores and achievements on social media platforms.
10. DLCs The game also offers  fresh DLCs with new charts, munitions, and modes,  furnishing players with fresh content and new challenges.



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